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Falls Area Singletrack (FAST) Launches “The Great Trail Build” Campaign

Note: Until construction is finished, bikes are not allowed on the hiking trails at Great Bear. Thanks for your patience!

With the concept and design phase for new singletrack trail construction complete, FAST and Great Bear Ski Valley are pleased to announce “The Great Trail Build. Destination: Bear” campaign! With target fundraising of a million dollars, the campaign will fund professional construction of up to 10+ miles of new trails.

Phase 1 will introduce 5 miles of brand-new bike trails, seamlessly integrated with the existing paths to create an even richer outdoor experience, located off the rear of the parking lot.

In the 2022 fiscal year, FAST was one of ten organizations awarded a Trail Accelerator grant through the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) for match funding to help bring more trails to the Sioux Falls area. The goal was to develop a concept plan for adding new trails at Great Bear and bringing a destination ride center to the region.

With the design/consult phase complete, FAST is now moving to fundraising. FAST will be looking to engage with potential donors in the coming months to discuss details of plan and the opportunities available to join FAST in bringing this project to fruition.

FAST President, Ben Blomberg says, “For too long the question has been WHY doesn’t Great Bear have mountain biking/trails. Now the question is WHEN will they be finished. With the community’s support, the answer is soon.” 

The project’s anticipated completion will be by 2025 to cap off FAST’s 25 by 25 initiative, twenty-five miles of trail in Sioux Falls by 2025. 

“The volunteers at FAST who give back in order to provide single track opportunities have infused new life into several of our parks, including Leaders Park, Tuthill Park, and Legacy Park,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken. “The partnership between FAST and the Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department has provided widespread benefits to our growing community. This multi-use singletrack project at Great Bear will leave a lasting impact for residents and visitors to Sioux Falls.”

“The Great Bear team is excited to take the next steps toward bike trail construction alongside Falls Area SingleTrack and the City of Sioux Falls,” said Great Bear’s General Manager Dan Grider. “We appreciate the community’s enthusiasm toward bringing more outdoor recreation options to the park. Let’s build some trails!”

The project, led by FAST, aims to add up to 10+ miles of bike-optimized trails for all levels beyond the existing hiking trail experiences. The majority of the new trails will be open to hikers and trail runners as well. The proximity to town will offer a quick connection for residents, providing year-round recreational opportunities. The overall goal is to bring more trails close to home. The increased local access will offer health benefits to residents, bring trail recreation to places with limited access or none, and offer opportunities for youth to get outdoors. As the area works toward creating a high school racing league, the site could host youth and other events while bringing economic benefit to the town and preserving natural lands surrounded by industry.


Interested parties are encouraged to visit FAST’s donation page at or to reach out via email to to arrange consultations to discuss giving options that align with their philanthropic goals.

The Great Trail Build. Destination: Bear

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FAST 25 by 25 initiative

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About Falls Area SingleTrack (FAST)

FAST is a not-for-profit recreational trail building and management organization with a mission to protect, create and enhance quality trail experiences for mountain bikers in cooperation with other trail users in the Sioux Falls area. FAST actively promotes responsible trail use, supports volunteer trail work, assists land managers with trail management issues, and improves relations among all trail user groups.

Since 2010, FAST has fostered a partnership with the City of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation Department to build and maintain singletrack trails in multiple city parks. To date, FAST actively manages and maintains over 15 miles of single track, and its footprint continues to grow. FAST currently has over 150 active members and contributors to its organization and has over 3,000 followers on social media.



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