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Great Bear Hiking Trails In The Summer

Summer Tips

Great Bear Ski Valley Hiking

Eight Simple Tips for a Great Day Outdoors

1) Pace Yourself

Choose a trail and pace that is comfortable for your fitness level. Walking and hiking is an ideal way to get and stay in shape, but overdoing it can be risky. Great Bear offers a variety of paths and trails to suit almost every one. Click here to see our trail maps.

2) Have Fun! 

Bring a camera to capture the flora and fauna on and off the trails.

3) Stay Hydrated

It’s always a good idea to bring plenty liquids to ensure your body stays hydrated. Water or sports drinks are ideals ways to keep your body working at peak performance.

4) Pack a Snack

A quick snack is a great way to keep your energy level up when walking. Health bars or granola provides a quick and healthy energy burst. Better yet, bring a picnic and make a day of it.

5) Have Fun!

Look high, look low. There are marvels of nature everywhere you look. 

6) Leave only Footprints

Please be sure to clean up after yourself and your pets. After all, nothing ruins the beauty of nature more than litter. 

7) Visit Often

Great Bear offers a wide variety of terrains for you to explore. And, as the season changes, every trail changes with it. The more you visit the more you’ll see and the better you’ll feel.

8) Have More Fun!

That’s what Great Bear Recreation Park is all about!

Great Bear Ski Valley warm weather activities include:

  • 4 miles of hiking trails
  • Varied terrain for different skill levels
  • Amazing scenic overlook
  • Beautiful natural vistas
  • Ideal picnicking spots
  • Great on-leash dog walking areas
  • Close to the city convenience
  • 32 miles of visibility on a clear day from Overlook Trail
  • Picture perfect settings with wooden bridges crossing creeks and ponds throughout 220 acres

    Your Guide to Outdoor Fun.

    Great Bear Recreation Park offers a 4-mile (6-kilometer) trail system just waiting to be discovered. Our park, just minutes from the city, features the Ralph and Doris Wallin Nature Trail which winds through hills and valleys. Click the link below for the Great Bear’s summer trail map that will make planning a great day outdoors as easy as a walk in the woods.

    Greatbear Trail Maps

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