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Summer Hiking

Hiking at Great Bear Ski Valley

For information about safe park usage, please visit

The dramatic hills at Great Bear, comprised of sand and gravel and held in place by a thin layer of topsoil, feature picturesque nature walks and backcountry hiking experiences.

This 220-acre park is the largest in the Sioux Falls Park and Recreation Department and is a wonderful example of the glacial deposit areas common to this region.

The Ralph and Doris Wallin Nature Trail winds through the hills and valleys of the park, offering hikers spectacular views of Sioux Falls as well as secluded Burr Oak canopied creek bottoms. This 4-mile (6 kilometer) trail system has 3 distinct loops ranging from an ADA-rated hard surfaced trail for those seeking a leisurely stroll through the park to the more demanding primitive deer trails for those wishing a more backcountry experience. 

There are no fees associated with hiking at Great Bear! 

Remember, Great Bear Ski Valley has a fragile ecological system. Please, take only pictures and leave only footprints! Pet are welcome but must be on a leash at all times. 

Great Bear Ski Valley warm weather activities include:

  • 4 miles of hiking trails
  • Varied terrain for different skill levels
  • Amazing scenic overlook
  • Beautiful natural vistas
  • Ideal picnicking spots
  • Great on-leash dog walking areas
  • Close to the city convenience
  • 32 miles of visibility on a clear day from Overlook Trail
  • Picture perfect settings with wooden bridges crossing creeks and ponds throughout 220 acres

    Your Guide to Outdoor Fun.

    Great Bear Recreation Park offers a 4-mile (6-kilometer) trail system just waiting to be discovered. Our park, just minutes from the city, features the Ralph and Doris Wallin Nature Trail which winds through hills and valleys. Click the link below for the Great Bear’s summer trail map that will make planning a great day outdoors as easy as a walk in the woods.

    Greatbear Trail Maps

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