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A Message From Our President

A message from Steve Sanford, President of the Board, Great Bear Management, Inc.

I was born and raised in this city and have lived here all my life, except for college and law school.  I have been a practicing lawyer here for 46 years, but more to the point, I have been involved in management of the City’s Great Bear Ski Valley, first as a Founder of the nonprofit Great Bear Management Inc. in 1991 and now as President for the last 19 years.  We are proud to provide such a winter activity site for our community, particularly in these strange and difficult times.  Our staff is completely dedicated to making every guest experience the best it can be. 

 An essential part of that best experience has always been doing what we reasonably can to protect the safety of our guests and to make them feel safe.  Before this year, the idea of safety was focused primarily and logically on our ski/snowboarding and tubing hills.  Now, in the presence of coronavirus, the bigger safety concern has been in our contact with each other inside, not in wonderful turns and tubes on the slopes outside.  With 2000 guests on a busy day, close contact is hard to avoid.  That has required we have a greater consciousness and care for each other in our Lodge.  As a City facility, we have adopted policies and procedures to implement and follow the City’s mask mandate.  Our rules and policies are on our website.  

Respectfully, if you have a protest sense against masks or if you just don’t care, PLEASE don’t make Great Bear staff and our observant guests the objects of your protest or victims of your neglect.  We all can thrive in how winter can bring such enjoyment, particularly for our children.  We so much want to serve you all and make your day the best experience at Great Bear.  If you come to us with the best interests of others in mind, we are sure all will thrive with us in the best it can be. 

Thanks so much,

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